金奖:快乐无限大的“莫比乌斯环”:LIVAT Beijing kidstown(杜兹设计事务所DUTS design)

金奖:快乐无限大的“莫比乌斯环”:LIVAT Beijing kidstown(杜兹设计事务所DUTS design)








Founder of DUTSdesign

French National Registered Architect

HMONP Architect Qualification for Practicing in Europe

Master of Architecture in ENSAPLV

Guest Teacher of Shanghai Jiao Tong University

DUTS 杜兹设计事务所(DUTS design)由旅法建筑师钟凌2010年成立于中国上海,是一家具有法国学院派背景的建筑设计事务所。DUTS杜兹拒绝平庸的设计,一直在理性基础上追求与探索建筑的多维极限,并坚信建筑与空间中释放的巨大潜能可以为社会,需求方及大众创造更大的价值。


设计灵感 — 神奇的莫比乌斯环

“为什么我们的儿童城和其他的不一样?一切开始于一个神奇的莫比乌斯环。      —— 建筑师钟凌“Why is our Kids Town different from others? It started with a magical Mobius ring.”

—— Zhong Ling, Founder and Chief Architect of DUTS design


LIVAT Beijing is located in the south of Beijing, with a construction area of approximately 550,000 square meters.  As a family-friendly shopping mall, LIVAT  is committed to creating a relaxed, comfortable and special environment and experience for the public.

北京荟聚购物中心童乐荟 作为全球范围尝试的第一个大型儿童主题街区,位于北京荟聚购物中心二层。由于项目原为超市,整体占地14000平的巨大体量,却仅仅只有非常逼仄的在两端的出入口。

LIVAT Beijing kidstown is the first large-scale kids town on a global scale. Since the project was originally a supermarket, it occupies a huge volume of 14,000 square meters, but only has two narrow entrances and exits at both ends.


When DUTS design team saw this site, they considered not only the color and form of the space, but also “How to activate this field through design? We don’t only want to make everyone see its appealing and feels fun, but also to create a natural flow of people through the design for the entire site. If people refuse to go deep in the field, this will be a huge problem for business operations.”



Thinking about the flow of people, a magical and infinite loop “Mobius Ring” was born.



The “Mobius ring” is a unique infinite continuous two-dimensional single-sided ring structure in a three-dimensional space. The landing of such a topological geometric prototype was a great challenge for designers. This design fully analyzes the height, distance, fluidity and other data in the site through the digital translation of the geometric prototype of the Möbius ring. After countless iterations and evolutions, the space is restored perfectly under the condition of limited cost. The uniqueness of the ring combines different functions with the ring, opening up unlimited possibilities in a limited space, greatly increasing and opening up the commercial experience and display interface, making the walking and playing experience space endlessly extend.


The “skyline” is composed of a zigzag and flowing grid at the top, like the flow of time, forms a natural flow guide for people, creating an “infinite world”, making the 14,000 square meter space an organic whole.


The “infinite” extended space brings more fun to explore for children. Through the flow of space design, a healthy retail ecosystem is formed. Digital design brings more imaginative possibilities for spatial modeling. Small and medium-sized unit spaces of different scales are like lively little elves, floating, rotating, or jumping under the “gentle envelopment” of the overall space. The ever-changing posture expands the tension of the space, and also guides the children to explore and stimulate more imagination and creativity.

大手牵小手 — 儿童与成人的二重维度



This “Mobius ring” aims to please both children and adults from two aspects.

LIVAT Beijing kidstown creates a relaxed and happy family leisure space for both groups. We hope to create a “happy bond” between big and small hands with the power of design.


The simplicity and elegance of adult aesthetics is maintained at a range of more than 1 meter above the line of sight. The white perforated aluminum plate and GRG material make the space pure and elegant. Through different changes in lighting, the indoor space can present a variety of atmospheres. While parents can rest assured that their children can play, they also have a variety of shopping and resting spaces.


The area where the line of sight is below 1.2 meter appears colorful for children. The suspended space with a sense of enclosure also brings more exploration fun for children and becomes a paradise for them to linger. The interior is filled with a strong artistic sense and a safe and intimate arc-shaped design. This design not only allows the children to enjoy the experience with peace of mind, but also allows every customer who enters the space to obtain a pleasant visual enjoyment.

多重场景 — 成人与孩子的快乐纽带


LIVAT Beijing kidstown organically connects multiple “Infinite Happy World” themes and supporting activity spaces with an infinite flow and circulation of space, creating a complex happy family experience. The design creates not only an infinitely flowing space, but also a joyful bond between parents and kids.



趣味商店:Shopping Area


Happy Theater: The white stage surrounded by color-changing light balls will present many wonderful performances.

宛如童话小镇般的街道 :

Streets like a fairy tale town:


LIVAT Beijing kidstown offers varies activities such as playing, education, and fashion. The immersive space design and multi-dimensional family business combination create a colorful, interesting, healthy and safe kids town. The fun world allows children to grow up happily with great experience and infinite exploration, and let the family embark on a wonderful journey of  “Infinite Happy World” together. 


项目名称:北京荟聚购物中心童乐荟 LIVAT Beijing kidstown

项⽬地点:北京荟聚购物中心 2层(中国北京市大兴区欣宁街15号)








更多信息:杜兹设计 http://www.dutsdesign.com/